B’band Speed Checker

Do you know (or do you want to know) what your broadband provider is currently allowing you with regard to your broadband connection speed..? Do you think it’s rather slow at either uploading or downloading information or content from the web server..? Well, all you have to do is to test your current broadband speed using the broadband speed checker below…!!

The facility is provided to i-Entrepreneur by SpeedChecker Ltd.

Please Note:
Any other applications (eMail, chat, facebook, radio, video, windows updates etc) that you have running at the time you wish to conduct your broadband speed test should be temporarily disabled. This will then allow the broadband speed checker to display a more accurate reading with regard to both your download and upload speed.

If time is also an issue, then just to give you a clue…. It only takes (on average) 20 seconds to perform the broadband speed test and display the results.