Domain Names

Secure Your Domain – Check The Availability..

You may have arrived at this page by typing a specific Domain into your address bar..?
If so, then I would like to welcome you to the world of i-Entrepreneur.

If you have arrived here via a domain re-direction, then you may be able to secure the specific domain for your own use..? Normally, we would only re-direct a domain for one of two reasons….

The Reason may be due to…

Having secured the specific Domain name (or names!), we may then have commenced work on the clients project. However, more-than-likely due to a client failing to settle his/her account within the time-frame specified (plus a 30 day grace period!) – we would re-direct the domain to this page with the intention of negotiating with a prospective purchaser (such as yourself!) for the release (transfer) of the Domain name. Otherwise, the domain may simply form part of our Domain portfolio.

Why do we do it..?

Quite simply in an attempt to recoup some of our expense..!!

“If you never ask – you may never know…”

 PCpost Address

If you have an interest in the Domain – then by all means get-in-touch with us by whichever means suits you best. Our contact details can found (strange-as-it-may-seem?) on the Contact Us page. However, if you simply wish to contact us via PCpost (email!), please refer to the address contained within the image (at the top of this page!)…and be sure to include the Domain Name within the “subject” field of the email.

Want To Register Your Own Domain Name…?

If so, please – feel FREE to use one of the two search facilities that have been provided by our two (“carefully selected“) Partners..!!

Why do we have two..?
Quite simply because… We want you to get the best value for your money..!!
So, if it’s a .COM domain that you are looking to check the current availability on – we suggest using GoDaddy, whereas if it’s a .CO.UK domain – we suggest that you use 123Reg.

However, they are only suggestions, based upon our dealings with both GoDaddy and 123Reg over the last ten years..!! You are free to use whoever you like, after all – it is your money that you’re spending (& not ours!) (”,)