About Us

Where, Why, How?

This area will contain a brief introduction about us, along with possibly some relevant (& maybe not-so relevant) information about I (he means “me”) the guy behind i-Entrepreneur.

After all, I’m sure that most people would like the opportunity to have a little background knowledge relating to who or what they may be dealing with…
Wouldn’t they..?

My History:
Born & educated in Redditch, I have been involved in websites since the early days of Google (in the mid 90’s!)  Although employed by a local company (nothing to do with website’s or the internet) – My very first website was “hand-built” by me, created in “pure” HTML, which was some task – I can tell you..!!

Although compared to what can be achieved today via the open-source projects that are available, it wasn’t at all pretty – but it was perfectly functional for a website that bought & sold personal number plates. The domain name? sure, it was gvla.co.uk – similar to dvla I know, but personal because it was a “g”. Did I make my fortune through it – NO! but I did learn an awful lot about hard-coding and managing a website..!!

Back then, as there was really not a lot of help openly available – it really was a task-and-a-half. But, for anyone now considering or already managing a website – thanks to the “tools” that are now available – it sure does make the process an awful lot easier. That said, you still need to have a general understanding, but you can pick-it-up within a reasonable amount of time through having a hands-on approach. At least that way – you can keep the content on your website up-to-date – without having to keep paying someone else (like me (”,) ) to do it all for you..!!

In 2004 I resigned my long-term “employed” position & decided to “do my own thing”. That’s where it really all started.. & I’ve been doing it ever since..!!  In 2007 I decided that I would register the name of i-Entrepreneur.

Yep..!! That’s me, the baldy-locks on the left..!!

Just in-case you’re wondering, the handsome guy on the right of the picture is my eldest son.
His face has been “blurred” to protect the innocent..!!  (”,)