About You

Who, What, When?

I may be wrong (& yes! it has been known b4 – but not very often!) But, I will (for now anyway?) presume that you have arrived at our facility because you are considering having & running your very own website. Well, good-for-you..!!

I can tell you that with our online experience, we can give you a guaranteed presence on the world-wide-web for as little as £300 (with No VAT payable!) Now that’s gotta be a bargain – don’t you think..?

Personal Website
You could be an individual who wants his or her own website – for personal use, something that possibly you, your family, and your friends can participate in. Some would refer to an individuals website as a blog (web-log!) or social networking facility. But you, you can call it whatever you like..!!

Sole Trader or Business
You may possibly be self-employed as a Bricklayer, Carpenter, Electrician, Gardener, Gas Fitter, Mechanic, Plumber, Roofer, Valeter or even Window Cleaner? Or maybe you even have your very own company, one that also employs other members of staff.  It doesn’t really matter which trade you are in, as everyone in business has to generate a revenue – which hopefully will ensure the sustainability & profitability of the business venture.

Especially in these times, trading – for most of us – is getting harder & harder. With fuel prices going through the roof, along with the government taking whatever they can (get-away-with!), most people are having to try & cut-back on whatever they can. For the “trader” – this is usually the thing that falls under the heading of Advertising..!!

But Why
I agree, yes! you should look at reducing your expenditure, but surely – you need to trim the things that fail to bring in a reasonable return on your investment. If you advertise in the local telephone directories or newspapers, & that keeps you in work – then fine..!! But if your printed-advertising fails to generate enough new business – maybe it’s time for you to perhaps consider other options that are or may be available..?

31 Million UK Adults Purchased
Almost everyone nowadays has access to the internet, whether via a desktop pc, laptop pc, netbook or even one of the new smartphones. Most of these users will search the internet to get what they want, when they want, and at a price they want to pay..!! Therefore the old adage of “If you aint in it – you can’t win it“, could now read along the lines of “If you aint on it – you won’t win it“.  Official figures show that throughout 2010 there were no-less than 31 million UK adults that ordered goods and services via a website. Now, that many people can’t be wrong..!!

How Much
Whatever you want your website for, whether a personal facility, or a business facility – we (@ i-Entrepreneur) can get you a presence on the world-wide-web for as little as £200. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way of having your very own website – live on the world-wide-web, we can normally have your website set-up & live within just 7 days. If this is something that is of interest to you – please, by all means Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

PS… we don’t bite..!!

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